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Recreational Insurance

Protect your recreational assets, including watercraft, motorcycles and hobbies.

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Your Specialty Assets Deserve Protection Too.

Safeguard the recreational and hobby assets you own with recreational insurance designed to address your unique risk profile and values — and keep what’s special to you safe.

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Types of Recreational Insurance Coverage

With the ability to create specialized insurance coverage plans, we can help you protect everything — from the latest motorcycle to vintage mustangs. 

Coverages for Personal Insurance

At The Horton Group, we understand you want what’s best for you and your loved ones. That’s why we offer comprehensive coverage for individuals and Private Clients looking to protect their unique lifestyles and assets.

Watercraft Insurance

Sail to Safety with Boat, Ship and Yacht Insurance

With a range of watercraft insurance options, we’ll help you protect against the risk of owning boatcraft. 

Recreational insurance keeps you protected wherever your watercraft reside. Protect your passions with the right level of insurance coverage.

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Enjoy What You Love with Recreational Insurance

Connect with a member of our team to see how the right insurance coverage helps protect the activities you love.

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