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Cost Reduction Services

Effective safety consulting services prevent losses and mitigate the extent of losses that occur.

While the primary objective is to prevent injury and damage, a “side effect” of a safety program is the significant reduction in costs associated with losses. According to the National Safety Council, for every $1 invested in safety programs, employers can expect a return of $2 to $6.

Because of the relationship with its parent company The Horton Group, Horton Safety Consultants assists in the marketing of workers’ compensation and automobile insurance using effective, safety consulting services as leverage to reduce the cost of insurance. Underwriters understand the role safety programs play in preventing losses, and they reflect the effectiveness in their pricing.

And while the primary mission of safety consulting services is to prevent accidents and injuries, the existence of cost containment programs and strategies mitigate the extent and cost of losses that do occur. Horton Safety Consultants will develop and implement programs designed to minimize the extent of loss.

Horton Safety Consultants offers an extensive array of safety training services, encompassing both specialized and general safety training, with exclusive access granted to our valued clients for these exceptional services.

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