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Core & Voluntary Benefits

Do you want to improve employee attraction and retention? Then voluntary benefits are the way to go!

As healthcare costs continue to rise, so has the value of voluntary benefits. Voluntary benefits allow employers to offer benefits that are attractive to employees without added cost to the company.

Many employers consider expanding their voluntary benefits to compensate for employees’ increasing healthcare costs. Employees benefit because they have various insurance and other program options conveniently available in one place.

Voluntary benefits for employees have many advantages. Because of their cost efficiency and portability, voluntary benefits are becoming a central component of many companies’ overall benefits strategies, offering high value to employees, all with minimal effort and cost to the company.

Voluntary benefits can be either insurance or non-insurance products presented to employees to pick and choose from for elective purchases. Employers can offer value to employees with the following:

  • Reduced group rates
  • Convenience of payroll deductions
  • Boost work-life balance (from such programs as educational assistance)
  • The ease of having multiple options all in one place

Options can be included so employees may elect to purchase additional coverage and higher limits at their discretion.

While voluntary benefits are a key way to attract and retain employees, we feel it’s critical to ensure administration doesn’t create additional work for HR departments. To streamline the process, Horton leverages technology, allowing for:

  • Single source, multiple carrier, internet-based enrollment system
  • Universal eligibility and enrollment form available for use on all employee benefits, including core life, medical, dental, etc.
  • Consolidated eligibility management and billing features available

Core & Voluntary Options

In addition to medical plans, most employers are offering some form of core benefits as a way to protect employees.


Life Insurance



Short-Term Disability

Long-Term Disability



Gap Plans




Challenge what’s possible with your benefits program.

We apply insight and experience to drive more value, and deliver better outcomes from your benefit programs that result in improved control and program costs.

The Horton Group is an experienced leader in the employee benefits and health insurance field.  Our team has managed hundreds benefit programs with a focus on keeping our clients costs below comparable levels experienced by other employers. Horton’s aggressive management technique includes a number of internal medical management techniques and preventive health initiatives.

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