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Certificate Control and Process Services

Access and manage certifications with ease.

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Efficiently Track Compliance For Vendors and Contractors

Teaming up with vendors and contractors opens you to risks – Horton can mitigate them for you. With a team solely focused on tracking third-party compliance gives you the breathing room to focus on the end goal – scaling.

  • Vendor Compliance: Collect, verify, and manage new and expired certificates of insurance, W9, and other licenses.
  • Risk Visibility: Access vendor compliance through our compliance dashboard.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Automate compliance workflows to minimize repetitive administrative tasks.
  • Reduced Costs: Accelerate business transactions while also decreasing ratios due to fraud and manual errors.
  • Effective Collaboration: Collaborate with all stakeholders in real-time on vendor compliance tasks to effectively reduce vendor risk.

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You Have Work To Do

Get there faster and safer with seamless certificate control and process services.

Without the appropriate insurance, you’re exposed to losing a job or picking up the tab when something goes wrong.  With our experts at your side, you’ll have swift access to the coverage you need to get the job done worry-free.

Why Horton

We Take Our Time To Do It Right

Understanding your business and goals is how we set you up for a customized plan that tackles the risks you face. We get there by implementing a process that includes:

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Meeting with stakeholders to learn about you

risk assessments

Assessing certifications that need to be tracked

special instructions

Identifying Insurance requirements


Migrating data into our platform HortonTrax

hr administration

Training your staff on platform use and best practices

A Full-Suite Of Customizable Business Solutions

With Horton as your partner, you can focus on scaling your business and we’ll focus on protecting. Explore our suite of business solutions that will help us both do just that.

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Your Job Is To Scale Your Business.  Our Job Is To Protect It.

Partner with advisors who are as invested in your growth as you are. 

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Jason Haas, Taft-Hartley, insurance broker.