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Workplace COVID-19 Consulting Services

Employers in essential businesses are struggling to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in their workplaces, while other employers are concerned about an eventual return to their traditional workplaces. The volume of information coming from the government, news media, and other sources is overwhelming.


What Horton Safety Consultants Do

Responding to the urgent needs of their clients, Horton Safety Consultants provide practical, effective solutions to stop the spread of the virus in the workplace. They assure employees their health and safety concerns are being addressed.

Consequences of not fully addressing COVID-19 in the workplace include:

  • The spread of the virus
  • Fear and panic among employees
  • Increased absenteeism and turnover
  • Reduced productivity
  • Potential liability
  • Increased likelihood of OSHA complaints

Horton Safety Consultants offers an extensive array of safety training services, encompassing both specialized and general safety training, with exclusive access granted to our valued clients for these exceptional services.

What’s best for people—
is best for business.

Safety Consulting Services

Horton Safety Consultants can help your organization develop and implement an effective yet practical, COVID-19 program for your workplace. Services are available to essential businesses currently dealing with the pandemic, and to employers preparing to transition back to their traditional workplaces.

Horton Safety Consultants provides the following COVID-19 related services.

Exposure Assessment

A safety consultant will identify all potential pathways of virus transmission in the workplace.

Exposure Control Plan

Based on the information collected during the assessment, a consultant will prepare a comprehensive exposure control plan.


Front line workers, supervisors, and managers will be trained in the details of the plan and how to properly don and doff personal protective equipment (if necessary).

Cleaning and Disinfection

Safety consultants will detail cleaning and disinfection services in the exposure plan and can help source professional disinfection services in the event of an outbreak.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Safety consultants will identify what PPE (if necessary) should be provided to employees in specific situations. They can also source distributors of PPE.

OSHA Compliance

Safety consultants will assure compliance with applicable requirements, assist with record keeping, and represent the employer in the event of an inspection.


Exposure control plans will likely fail without periodic audits to identify gaps and modify the plan, if necessary. Audit results are discussed with management.


Safety consultants help employers determine if COVID-19 testing is necessary and source testing vendors. Consultants can also assist employers’ source, and implement, an antibody testing program which may provide an indication of immunity from the virus.

Positive Cases

Our safety consultants assist clients in responding to positive cases among employees. Assistance includes communications, facilitating testing, and sourcing disinfection services.

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