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Near Site and Onsite Clinics

Get innovative with controlling costs, reducing risks, and investing in the well-being of your employees.


Your Employees Are Facing Healthcare Barriers

Remove them with near site and onsite clinics.

If you’ve ever waited months for an appointment, felt rushed during a visit, or had a long commute to your annual checkup, you have a glimpse into the hurdles your employees face to invest in their health. The solution? Near site and onsite clinics bring quality and convenient primary care services to your doorsteps.

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Fort Dearborn Company strives to empower our associates to take charge and manage their healthcare and other important benefits.

Along with offering traditional medical, dental and vision benefits, FDC also offers a variety of wellness initiatives including yearly onsite flu shot clinics, diabetes and hypertension management, along with a host of free will preparation, estate planning, and counseling (EAP) services. An annual wellness calendar is also created where timely wellness topics are chosen to focus on each month including physical, social, mental, and financial well-being. Different events and activities are planned for each month to increase education and awareness of leading a healthy lifestyle.

We Don’t Want You To Miss An Opportunity. So, We Bring Them To You.

Karen Kane’s Wellness program began in 2018, and expanded over the course of the following years.

In the beginning, our initiative had a limited budget, despite strong buy-in from corporate leadership. We also struggled with having the right individual in charge of our program. Although our HR director didn’t think our employee population would respond to our health initiatives, as soon as we began implementing them, we saw the excitement first-hand. This led to a change in leadership for our Wellness Committee, as well as a change in our health insurance broker. Horton secured a significantly larger Wellness budget once they became our broker, and we used this to begin building a much more substantive wellness program.

Creative Solutions For Improving The Lives Of Your Employees

When your employees are well taken care of, you can place more focus on what matters – growth.

Near site and onsite clinics allow your employees to gain more control of their life with benefits and providers that put their health first. How?

  • Quicker appointment turnaround
  • More rapport with providers
  • Less commuting for healthcare needs

Near Site and Onsite Clinics Support Your Growth

As a growing company, there are times you’ll need to step back and assess what is and isn’t working. That includes looking at your current healthcare plan to uncover any opportunities you may be missing.

Through a subscription based model, near site and onsite clinics are a creative way to optimize your healthcare plan and in turn:

  • Reduce healthcare costs
  • Retain and attract employees
  • Proactively mitigate risks
  • Effectively tackle primary care needs

Quality and Convenient Healthcare

Ask a broker how you can improve the life of your employees while reducing your risks with near site and onsite clinics.

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