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Employee Retirement Plans

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Could Your Company-Sponsored Retirement Plan Cost You Millions?


  • Are your plan assets comingled with operating assets?
  • Are you doing enough to reduce challenges to your fiduciary responsibility?
  • Do you know if your vendors have hidden conflicts of interest?
  • Do you know where the fees that are being paid are going?


Challenges of Increasing Regulation

The definition of co-fiduciary continues to broaden, some executives are finding themselves personally liable for the failures of their company’s retirement plan.

Horton’s retirement partnership with Cerity Partners maximize the organization’s fiduciary protection while making a difference in the financial lives of their employees.
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Workers Using Litigation to Challenge Employee Retirement Fees

A growing number of lawsuits filed against retirement plan sponsors claiming a variety of fiduciary mistakes from excessive fees and poor investments in retirement plans – and the participants are winning.

Recently, there have been a number of massive settlements against employers for excessive-fees – even employees working for the asset managers and retirement plan providers.

  • $62 million settlement – Lockheed Martin Corp.
  • $57 million settlement – The Boeing Co.

Top Reasons Employees Sued Their Employer Regarding Retirement Plans

• Lack of transparency & disclosure in revenue sharing arrangements and indirect compensation.

• Investment conflicts due to providers offering their own funds. Often times, the sponsor is not fully aware of the extent of the conflict.

• Unfair revenue sharing practices – participants’ plan investments are being inequitably affected by revenue sharing rates & fee allocation.

Horton’s Retirement Partnership

By partnering with Cerity Partners, Horton has deepened our resources to include ERISA expertise and can assist organizations with their retirement services to maximize the organization’s fiduciary protection, eliminate personal liability and hidden conflicts of interest while making a difference in the financial lives of their employees.

There are three key pillars to our service platform.

Fiduciary Oversight

Acts as a 3(21) or 3(38) Investment Manager to relieve the Plan Sponsor of all responsibilities and liabilities associated with investment selection and monitoring.

Financial Wellness Coaching

Work directly with the Plan Sponsors to develop and implement initial and on-going financial education coaching for participants.

Ongoing Plan Review

Conducts on-site reviews with the Plan Sponsor’s retirement Committee with investment performance evaluations performed quarterly.

Wellness Solutions

Whether your group is fully-insured or self-funded, we have the innovative wellness solutions and clinical strategies to improve your employees health and well-being.

To learn more, talk to our wellness service team today.

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