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Physician Office Program

Horton offers risk management, employee benefits and insurance coverages that can suit your business today, tomorrow and in the future.

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As your organization grows, both the risks and reward become greater.

Physicians’ groups face unique challenges. Questions surrounding insurance coverages, workers compensation waivers, employment contracts, and named insureds are often misunderstood. Taking a segmented approach to the market can lead to complacency with program design and unintended consequences when a claim is filed.

The Horton Healthcare Practice is a highly specialized unit that provides insurance brokerage and consulting services exclusively to healthcare providers and organizations. By concentrating specifically on the coverage needs of the healthcare industry, we have developed the unique knowledge and expertise that only comes from intense specialization.
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Opportunity to Take Holistic Approach to Risk Management

  • Simplistic approach to handling all of your insurance and risk management needs through one Broker
  • Insurance contract, risk analysis and annual review completed by an industry leader
  • Exceptional servicing of your account by our highly qualified Customer Service team
  • Aggressive insurance marketing at renewal

Our Team is Focused on Healthcare Facilities and Organizations

While Horton insures thousands of clients, we have a dedication specifically to the the Healthcare sector:

  • Over 2,500 physicians insured in the Midwest
  • 6 Hospital Clients
  • Various Outpatient Facilities
  • On Staff Risk Management

The key to driving down cost, work, and risk is to build on strong foundations while applying innovative ideas.

In the Healthcare industry, these are some common challenges:

  • We are a hospital based provider, why do we need General Liability?
  • We are not publicly traded, why do I need Management Liability?
  • We are a LLC, how is Workers Compensation handled for our members?
  • Our physicians all have disability, why should I look at a group product?
  • Can we have both a FSA and a HRA?
  • What is a private insurance exchange?
  • One of our MD’s is a medical director at a Nursing Home, is he covered?
  • We do some work in Indiana, does our Malpractice policy cover us there?
  • One of our physicians is leaving the group, what do we need to do?

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Meet our Healthcare Practice Leaders

Our Healthcare team focuses on understanding the complex needs of your business, and brings their knowledge and experience to offer solutions to your most complex business issues. Our practice leadership represents an entire practice of experts, who are dedicated to helping you transform your organization.

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