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HIPAA Training

PENDING – CE Credits: 1.0 HRCI | SHRM 1.0

Tuesday, May 7, 2024, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM CST
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HIPAA Training

This training will detail the HIPAA standards that should inform an organization’s policies governing the use of Protected Health Information (PHI). The training will also address the main components of a robust HIPAA compliance program, including:

  • Limiting access to PHI to employees responsible for Plan Administration
  • Establishing & implementing safeguards to protect PHI
  • Appointing Privacy and Security Officials
  • Developing/Maintaining/Distributing a Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Conducting a Security Risk Assessment
  • Identifying/Entering into contracts with Business Associates


Bob Radecki, Principal, Benefit Comply LLC

Bob Radecki is President of Benefit Comply, LLC, a health and welfare plan compliance consulting firm located in Minneapolis, MN. Bob has over 30 years of experience in employee benefits compliance related to issues such as COBRA, HIPAA, ERISA, and Section 125. Bob has authored numerous compliance-related articles and publications, including “The HIPAA Corner” in Health Insurance Underwriter Magazine, and has been the featured speaker for health reform seminars and webinars nationwide. Bob served in a number of compliance management and consulting roles, including founding and serving as President of A.E. Roberts Company, a nationally recognized compliance consulting and training firm; acting as HIPAA privacy consultant to a number of health insurance companies; and taking on the role of Senior Advisor of Regulatory Affairs at a major insurance organization.

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