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How to Reduce Risk On Your Private Passenger Fleet

Steering Clear of Liability: Safeguarding Your Business in a Fleet-Heavy Model

Thursday, June 20, 2024, 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM CST
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Steering Clear of Liability: Safeguarding Your Business in a Fleet-Heavy Model

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Join us for an insightful discussion addressing the pressing challenges faced by businesses reliant on fleet vehicles. In today’s landscape, escalating premiums and the specter of uninsurability loom large, compelling employers to reassess their operational models.

The prevalence of lawsuits, fueled by personal injury attorneys and social inflation, underscores the urgency of mitigating risk in a 24/7 business environment where employees are constantly on the road. Moreover, the ramifications of personal decisions, such as accidents occurring after hours or involving family members driving company vehicles, underscore the critical intersection between personal behavior and business outcomes.

In this forum, we’ll delve into the responsibilities entailed in managing fleet vehicles and confront common objections to transitioning away from this traditional model. From concerns about employee retention to apprehensions regarding cost implications, we’ll address these challenges head-on while exploring viable alternatives.

Our expert panel will guide attendees through strategies for a seamless transition away from fleet vehicles, emphasizing tactics to lower liability exposure in field operations. Whether you’re grappling with rising premiums or seeking to enhance safety measures, this event offers invaluable insights to navigate the shifting landscape of business mobility.

Don’t miss this opportunity to equip your organization with the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in an evolving business environment. Join us as we chart a course towards a more sustainable and secure future.

  • Challenges in Fleet Management Today:
    • Rising premiums and uninsurability concerns in fleet-heavy business models.
    • Increased litigation risks due to personal injury attorneys and social inflation.
    • 24/7 risk exposure associated with employees driving for business purposes.
  • Impact of Personal Decisions on Business:
    • After-hours accidents and incidents involving family members driving company vehicles.
    • Highlighting the critical link between personal behavior and business outcomes.
  • Company Responsibilities Regarding Fleet Vehicles:
    • Understanding and addressing liabilities associated with fleet management.
  • Common Objections to Moving Away from Fleet Vehicles:
    • Fear of employee attrition.
    • Concerns about potential cost increases.
  • Strategies for Transitioning Away from Fleet Vehicles:
    • Overcoming objections and implementing smooth transitions.
    • Lowering liability exposure in field operations.
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Equip organizations with insights and tools to navigate changing mobility landscapes.
    • Ensure sustainability and security in business operations.

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Jake Ernest – Motus

As Director of Senior Enterprise Sales at Motus, Jake Ernest brings 20 years of experience in vehicle reimbursement, insurance software and fleet management. He specializes in helping companies move from fleet vehicles to reimbursement.

Tony Hopkins – The Horton Group

Tony knows that talking a good game is not enough. The true mark of a professional is execution. Horton achieves this through a process which consistently delivers on promises made and holding themselves accountable. “Once a plan is established, we are committed to plan execution. Our team functions as an extension of our clients operations; we are just as invested in their success as our own – their goals are our goals,” says Tony.

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