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Webinar: Expert Advice on Surviving an Inspection from OSHA

Tuesday, May 24, 2022, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM EST
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How to Survive an OSHA Inspection

OSHA has been much more active in the Biden Administration. In addition to President Biden doubling the number of inspectors, the agency has increased the number of inspections and has reinstated its policy of “shaming” employers into compliance.

The ability of employers to properly respond to OSHA inspections can make the difference between an uncomfortable exercise, and a costly experience resulting in large penalties and severe, reputational damage. Many employers are totally unprepared to properly handle an OSHA inspection. Despite an employer’s best efforts to provide a safe and healthy workplace, inspections can occur following employee complaints and serious, work-related injuries. The workshop will detail actions employers can take before, during, and after the OSHA inspection to limit financial and reputational damage. Participants will also learn about the emergency, temporary COVID-19 standards the administration ordered OSHA to introduce. Don’t wait until your workplace is inspected to learn your rights and limit the potential damage from an OSHA inspection. 



Team Manager / Horton Safety Consultants / Bio

Chris Pfeiffer is a certified safety and health professional with experience working in construction and general industry environments.  

Beginning his career as a safety consultant-intern within The Horton Group, he quickly realized the correct decision was made by joining a field of professionals who show great interest in making a positive difference with regard to workplace safety. Demonstrating an active and ongoing commitment to the safety efforts and success of The Horton Group as an agency, Chris was offered full-time employment following college graduation. Within seven years, Chris was able to perform in the Safety Consultant, Senior Consultant and Vice President positions and be promoted to Team Manager. 

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