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Horton Celebrates Pride Month

Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Horton Celebrates Pride Month

As Pride Month comes to an end, we are excited to share how our team members have been celebrating and honoring this vibrant and significant time of year.

The Horton Group believes in fostering a culture of inclusivity, acceptance and support for everyone, regardless of their background or identity. This month, our team has proudly been commemorating the LGBTQ+ community through various activities, personal reflections and acts of solidarity. Join us as we highlight the diverse ways our colleagues are embracing Pride, sharing their stories and showcasing their unwavering commitment to equality and love. Let’s celebrate the spirit of Pride together!

“Father’s Day happens to occur during Pride Month, and I am grateful to celebrate it with my dad, Mitch. I’m fortunate to have a father who supported me in countless ways, from hockey coach to financial advisor. But of all the roles he has played, none is more important than being a great, supportive dad – especially through a difficult period of my life coming out. My dad is often someone who leads with his actions more than words, but in that emotional time of telling him, it was his words that stuck with me more than anything: ‘Adam, you have seemed happier recently than ever before, so what are you so upset about?’ While it may not seem profound, it was exactly what I needed to hear in that scary moment to know that everything would be okay. Since then, our relationship has been better than ever, and he continues to support me in immeasurable ways well into adulthood.”

– Adam Zielezinski, Assistant Director of Operations


“My friend, Taylor, started his transgender journey about 15 years ago. He came into my son-in-law’s training studio wanting help turning his skinny self into a strong man, and they immediately became friends. Throughout the years, Taylor and his family have become very close friends with me, my daughter, and my husband. When Taylor found the love of his life, my husband and I officiated their wedding. Additionally, my daughter was the maid of honor, and my son-in-law was his best man. To us, he is just Taylor – the kind young man who means so much to our family. To my grandson, he will always be Uncle Taylor. We were so happy to be able to be part of the day when his dream of marrying his wife, Kelsey, came true.”

– Maggie Abert, Marketing Manager


“I have an annual tradition with my sisters, nieces and daughter to walk in the Chicago PRIDE parade to show our support as allies. Through my words and actions, I’ve influenced members of my family and community to be accepting and supportive of all people.”

– Michelle Balderas, Client Executive


Last but not least, Casey Warnecke, our Chief Growth Officer, sent us a photo abroad from Dublin, Ireland, where he celebrated Pride on his family vacation this month!


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