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Protecting your assets is at the center of everything we do

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The Horton Experience

Expertise. Unrivaled Customer Service. Confidentiality.

Beyond Insurance – Risk Strategies

Protecting your lifestyle goes beyond insuring your home and cars. It’s all the intricate details of your everyday life we uncover, assess, and protect - yes, it’s complicated. 

There are many layers that traditional insurance brokers fail to uncover and therefore cannot protect against.

Benefits of the Horton’s Private Client Group: 

  • Expertise in identifying, assessing, and mitigating losses to tangible assets and protecting personal wealth from liability exposures 
  • Unbiased guidance to our clients in all aspects of their personal risk management portfolio 
  • Client advocacy through customized insurance and risk management analysis
  • Exclusive access to proprietary collections and excess liability coverage nationally through our Assurex Global partnership 
  • Access to sophisticated personal insurance carriers that offer specialty products and personal risk management solutions

 When you join Private Client Group, you not only gain access to our Personal Risk Advisors and the top sophisticated carriers worldwide, you also get the Horton Experience, including a dedicated service team.

Home and Away – Your Global Team 2

Home and Away –  Your Global Team

Home and Away – Your Global Team

Founded in 1971 and based in Chicagoland, The Horton Group has grown to 450 employees with more than $70 million in annual revenue. We are consistently ranked in the 50 Largest Brokers of the U.S. and are listed as one of Insurance Journal’s Top 100 Property/Casualty Agencies.  

As an Assurex Global Partner, we are part of the largest privately-held risk management network in the world. 

Private Client Group Team

Kenneth P. Sidlowski

Ken Sidlowski is the Practice Group Leader for Horton’s Private Client Group. He is responsible for utilizing internal and external resources to ensure a high-level service and sales strategy for the Private Client Group.