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The Benefits Of An Outcomes-Based Wellness Program

Wednesday, November 24, 2021
Natalie Terchek
The Benefits Of An Outcomes-Based Wellness Program

The Horton Group strengthened their wellness program, which lowered their overall risk and saved them $1.15M in medical plan costs year-over-year.

Executive Summary
From sick leave to medical expenses, the health of your employees directly affects the performance of your organization. Every day, insurance rates are climbing, resources are shrinking, and many employees are not taking the proper steps to protect their health.
An effective way to cut costs and potential risks to your company’s health plan is by implementing a wellness program. Our company, The Horton Group, offered wellness incentives and biometric screenings for our employees for more than a decade, but we felt our efforts could be stronger. With help from our own wellness team and HCIactive (a healthcare technology company), we implemented a three-year outcomes-based program. We decreased the number of overall health conditions within our company and saved $1.15M in medical plan costs year-over-year.

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