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Winter Driving Safety: Trucking & Transportation Tips

Wednesday, October 11, 2023
Winter Driving Safety: Trucking & Transportation Tips

Driving in winter weather can be dangerous for all vehicles but especially for truck drivers. The inclement weather can create a flurry of emotions from frustration to panic. The best way to have control over winter driving is simply to be prepared for all circumstances. It is the best way to ensure that all drivers and passengers on the road arrive at their destination safely. A few driver safety tips will make the winter driving experience much more bearable and improve capability.

Loss Prevention Tips

Pre-Trip Safety

  • Check Conditions: Check the upcoming weather before heading out
  • Prepare For The Cold: Carry extra blankets, coats, warm clothes, shovels, salt, windshield wipers, and flashlights
  • Revise Route: Consider using back roads in dangerous weather, these routes may have fewer intersections and less traffic to contend with.

Vehicle Safety

  • Anti-gel Additive: Diesel gels when it gets extremely cold – put an anti-gel additive in tanks before fueling up
  • Maintain Visual: Keeps views of other vehicles clear at all times. Consider purchasing heated mirrors, this could aid in keeping mirrors useable.

Driving Safety

  • 7 Second Rule: To keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you, maintain at least a 7 second following distance
  • Monitor Fuel Levels:  Keep the tank at least half-full when entering hazardous weather conditions
  • Avoidance can be the best loss prevention strategy at times
  • Icy Roads:  If ice built-up on your windshield means that there is ice on the road.  Proceed with extra caution.


Most Importantly Remain Calm:  It is natural to panic, remain calm, keep a clear head is the most successful way to deal with the situation.

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