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Adam Salameh stands out as a Sales Executive in Horton’s Risk Advisory Solutions Division, specializing in offering tailor-made, economical, and innovative strategies for commercial real estate clients. His depth of expertise encompasses not only the broad spectrum of real estate and insurance but extends into specialized areas, including AI, cyber insurance, Errors & Omissions, and Directors & Officers coverage. This unique blend of specializations enables Adam to address the most complex and nuanced risk challenges, providing his clients with comprehensive solutions that are not just effective but also forward-looking.

Since stepping into the insurance field in 2016 and acquiring his commercial real estate license in 2015, Adam has been dedicated to simplifying the intricate world of policies, coverages, and products. His focus on multi-family housing and retail sectors, combined with his proficiency in cutting-edge areas like AI and cyber insurance, allows his clients to navigate the evolving risks of the digital age confidently.

Adam champions the paramount importance of customer experience in driving business success. He believes securing business is crucial, but exceptional customer service and advocacy ensure lasting client relationships and trust. His approach is rooted in empathy and a solid drive to see his clients succeed, a philosophy central to his growth and the growth of his client’s businesses.

His career is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and leadership, evidenced by his entrepreneurial ventures, including launching his insurance agency in 2018 and embarking on a business venture in the restaurant industry at 18. Adam’s fearless approach to challenges and unwavering confidence have been critical to his success

In the face of rising inflation and premium rates, Adam sees challenges and opportunities to redefine the landscape of insurance and risk management. He anticipates a greater openness among businesses to explore new avenues for reducing expenses, particularly in insurance premiums, offering a fertile ground for innovative policy solutions.

Born and raised in the south suburbs of Chicago, Adam’s roots are in Oak Lawn, IL, and Burbank, IL. His life outside the office is filled with engaging pursuits, from spending quality time with his family to trading cryptocurrencies, investing in real estate and stocks, enjoying football, and cooking. A committed philanthropist, Adam donates five percent of his annual net income to charitable organizations, living up to the ethos of community contribution instilled in him by his father.