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Michigan Construction Insurance Experts

When it comes to construction insurance in Michigan, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a real estate management company, design professional, construction business manager, general contractor, or a light or heavy trade contractor, we understand the unique challenges that affect your total cost of risk.
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Why Choose Horton’s Construction Insurance?

At Horton’s Construction Insurance, we pride ourselves on offering superior service, unparalleled insight, and competitive pricing, all backed by our extensive experience in the field. Our goal is to ensure that your risk management approach aligns with your overall business objectives, creating tailored insurance programs that reflect your individual risk performance history, rather than relying solely on industry averages.

Our Comprehensive Approach

By delving into both qualitative and quantitative aspects of your business, we gain a deep understanding of your needs and exposures. This knowledge enables us to develop a comprehensive and forward-thinking approach to managing the everyday risks associated with the construction industry in Michigan.

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Specialized Michigan Construction Insurance Programs

Our expertise spans risk management, construction insurance, and safety practices. We specialize in risk transfer, safety protocols, loss control, claims advocacy, and a range of other essential insurance services. Additionally, The Horton Group provides solutions in surety and employee benefits to further support your business.

When it comes to protecting your construction business in Michigan, trust the experts at Horton’s Construction Insurance to provide tailored solutions that keep your operations secure. Talk to an advisor today to safeguard your future success.

Streamline Compliance with Bond Kits in Michigan

Are you planning construction projects in Michigan and tired of the delays caused by waiting on your broker for specially notarized bonds? Our bond kits are the solution you’ve been searching for, designed to ensure full compliance with the requirements of Michigan cities and municipalities.

Why Choose Our Bond Kits?

Our five-pack license/permit bond kit is not only cost-effective but also fully compliant with the regulations of cities, villages, and municipalities across Michigan. Say goodbye to the frustrating delays of broker communication and the need for original notarized documents.

Order Your Bond Kit Today

Don’t let bureaucratic hurdles slow down your project in Michigan. Order your bond kit now and expedite your construction work with ease. With our bond kits, you’ll have everything you need to kickstart your project without unnecessary delays. Invest in the future of your Michigan construction endeavors today!

Horton is your trusted partner for comprehensive construction insurance solutions in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Minnesota. With strategically located offices, we ensure you receive personalized service and expertise that’s close to home. No matter where your construction projects take you across these Midwest states, our dedicated teams are here to provide tailored insurance solutions that match your unique needs and local requirements. At Horton, we’re committed to ensuring your projects are protected every step of the way.

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Areas We Serve

The Horton Group offers insurance, safety consulting and risk advisory services nationwide including Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minneapolis, Wisconsin.

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Michigan Construction Insurance: Aligning Captives and Self-Insurance with Your Business Goals

At Horton, we understand that every construction business in Michigan has unique goals and objectives. Our extensive experience has shown us that successful insurance and risk management programs must be perfectly aligned with these business aspirations to deliver the best outcomes.

Why Choose Captives and Self-Insurance?

In our conversations with clients, we prioritize understanding the specific goals and objectives that drive their businesses. This deep understanding allows us to recommend and implement tailored solutions, such as captives and self-insurance, which play a crucial role in the realm of construction insurance in Michigan.

The Power of Alignment

By aligning your insurance and risk management program with your business objectives, we create a synergy that maximizes the benefits of your coverage. Whether your goal is to enhance safety, reduce costs, or achieve other strategic milestones, our approach ensures that every component works harmoniously to deliver results.

Discover the Benefits Today

Unlock the potential of captives and self-insurance for your construction business in Michigan. Contact us now to explore how we can align your insurance program with your unique goals and objectives. Experience insurance that goes beyond protection – it becomes a strategic asset for your Michigan construction endeavors.

What is a Group Captive Insurance Company?

Unknowns of the Master Program

Real estate owners and property managers are constantly looking to find the best economical way to enhance their bottom line. Bringing their insurance program into a master structure is one way this allows them to make financial enhancements.

A master policy brings everything (effective dates and carriers) to a single effective date which can help ease the administrative burden and make a consistent payment schedule. Most importantly, a master policy will allow a smoother and efficient business operation in regards to the risk management program, therefore leading the way to a higher level of performance.

Labor shortages, technology, materials, economy, and more…

2023 Construction Trends

As we move through 2023, we’ve compiled a list of critical issues and topics for executives to keep on their radar for this calendar year.

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2023 Construction Trends

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