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Wisconsin Construction Insurance

Whether you’re a real estate management company in Wisconsin, a skilled design professional serving the Wisconsin area, a construction business manager handling projects across Wisconsin, a trusted general contractor specializing in Wisconsin projects, or a proficient light or heavy trade contractor contributing to Wisconsin’s construction industry, we comprehensively understand the challenges that can influence your overall cost of risk in the Badger State.

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For all your Wisconsin construction and real estate needs, our team is here to provide tailored advice and solutions. Contact us today to ensure your projects in Wisconsin are set up for success.

About Wisconsin’s Trusted Construction Insurance Partner

As a key player in Wisconsin’s construction industry, Horton understands the crucial role insurance plays in safeguarding your projects. Our commitment goes beyond industry norms, as we ensure that your risk management strategy aligns seamlessly with your broader business objectives. Unlike simply relying on generic industry benchmarks, we delve into your unique risk performance history to tailor programs that fit your needs.

Leading the Way with Wisconsin Construction Insurance

Leverage our extensive expertise for enhanced service, valuable insights, and competitive pricing in the Wisconsin market.

By delving deep into both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of your operations, we gain a comprehensive understanding of your requirements and vulnerabilities. This empowers us to craft an innovative, future-oriented strategy for proactively tackling your day-to-day risks.

At Horton, we’re not just your insurance provider; we’re your dedicated partner in ensuring your Wisconsin construction ventures thrive.

Construction Insurance

About Wisconsin’s Premier Construction Insurance Provider

At Horton, we take pride in being a leading name in Wisconsin’s construction insurance landscape. With our deep-rooted commitment to Wisconsin’s construction industry, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities it presents.

Our specialized approach ensures that your risk management strategy aligns seamlessly with your business objectives, tailored to your history of risk performance. We’re not content with industry averages; we’re dedicated to crafting customized solutions.

Our Footprint Across Wisconsin Cities

We have the privilege of insuring construction clients in numerous Wisconsin cities, including Sussex, Brookfield, Menomonie, New Berlin, Milwaukee, Grafton, Slinger, Waukesha, Germantown, Lannon, West Allis, Hales Corners, Genoa City, Appleton, Beaver Dam, and Butler. Wherever your projects take you in Wisconsin, we’ve got you covered.

Comprehensive Construction Insurance for Wisconsin

When it comes to construction insurance in Wisconsin, we’re your partners for success. Our extensive expertise translates to superior service, valuable insights, and competitive pricing tailored to the Wisconsin market.

By analyzing the qualitative and quantitative aspects of your operations, we gain a deep understanding of your needs and vulnerabilities. This enables us to create innovative strategies that address your day-to-day risks and position you for a successful future.

Choose Horton for your Wisconsin construction insurance needs, and experience the difference that local expertise and personalized solutions can make.

Buy a Bond Kit

With the ease and access to a bond kit, you ensure full compliance with a city, village, or municipality’s requirements for work in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Avoid having to wait on your broker for a specially notarized bond as a hurdle to start your project work!

We offer a five-pack license/ permit bond kit at half the price and fully compliant with each city, village, or municipality in IL, IN, and WI. You won’t need to wait on your broker to call and request the bond – nor wait on the original notarized piece!

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Areas We Serve

The Horton Group offers insurance, safety consulting and risk advisory services nationwide including Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minneapolis, Wisconsin.

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Exploring Captives and Self-Insurance in Wisconsin

In our extensive experience, we engage in meaningful discussions with clients driven by their business goals and aspirations. These conversations guide our approach.

Aligning an insurance and risk management strategy with your Wisconsin business objectives is paramount for optimal outcomes. Integration is key to success.
Discover the Power of Group Captive Insurance in Wisconsin

At Horton, we’re not just insurance providers; we’re strategic partners dedicated to helping you achieve success in the Wisconsin market.

Unknowns of the Master Program

Real estate owners and property managers are constantly looking to find the best economical way to enhance their bottom line. Bringing their insurance program into a master structure is one way this allows them to make financial enhancements.

A master policy brings everything (effective dates and carriers) to a single effective date which can help ease the administrative burden and make a consistent payment schedule. Most importantly, a master policy will allow a smoother and efficient business operation in regards to the risk management program, therefore leading the way to a higher level of performance.

Labor shortages, technology, materials, economy, and more…

2023 Construction Trends

As we move through 2023, we’ve compiled a list of critical issues and topics for executives to keep on their radar for this calendar year.

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2023 Construction Trends

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