Construction Insurance

Construction Insurance Program

About Horton’s Construction Insurance Practice

As part of our risk evaluation process, we look to confirm that your risk management approach supports your overall business objectives and ensures that we develop programs based on a client's individual risk performance history, and not just industry numbers. 

Horton’s Contractors Program 

Discussing qualitative and quantitative aspects of your business allows us to evaluate your needs and exposures to develop a comprehensive and forward-thinking approach to manage your everyday risks. We offer better service, insight, and competitive pricing due to our experience in the field. 


Key Insurance Products for Contractors

  • General Liability Coverage Insurance
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Property & Crime Insurance 
  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • Pollution Liability Insurance 
  • Contractor’s Errors & Omissions (Professional Liability) 
  • Cyber/EPLI/D&O
  • Property Damage
  • Business Insurance
  • Builder's Risk Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance

Construction Industry Memberships

Construction Industry Memberships

Buy a Bond Kit

With the ease and access to a bond kit, you ensure full compliance with a city, village, or municipality’s requirements for work in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Avoid having to wait on your broker for a specially notarized bond as a hurdle to start your project work!

We offer a five-pack license/ permit bond kit at half the price and fully compliant with each city, village, or municipality in IL, IN, and WI. You won’t need to wait on your broker to call and request the bond - nor wait on the original notarized piece!

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Areas we serve

Areas we serve

The Horton Group offers insurance, safety consulting and risk advisory services nationwide including Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minneapolis, Wisconsin as well as Orland Park, Chicago, Schererville, South Bend, Waukesha, Milwaukee.

Captives, Self-Insurance: Why?

Captives, Self-Insurance: Why?

In our experience, we have many conversations with customers which are driven by the goals and objectives of their respective businesses. It is critical for us to align an insurance and risk management program with the goals and objectives of the business because these components need to be in sync to achieve the best results. 


Unknowns of the Master Program

Misconceptions and Unknown Facts with Master Programs (1:04)


Real estate owners and property managers are constantly looking to find the best economical way to enhance their bottom line. Bringing their insurance program into a master structure is one way this allows them to make financial enhancements.  A master policy brings everything (effective dates and carriers) to a single effective date which can help ease the administrative burden and make a consistent payment schedule. Most importantly, a master policy will allow a smoother and efficient business operation in regards to the risk management program, therefore leading the way to a higher level of performance.

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