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Absence Management Consulting

Empowering Your Business Through Effective Absence Management

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Absence affects your bottom line. When your employees aren’t working, your business can’t work at its best. We understand these challenges and have developed an industry-leading Absence Management program, tailored to help organizations like yours. Our goal? To reduce health and productivity costs, ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, improve employee health, and create long-term financial stability.

Our Approach: Integrated Absence Management Strategies

  • We craft solutions that benefit not just your bottom line, but also your employees’ wellbeing.
  • With practical solutions and problem-solving tactics, we navigate the complex leave and disability environment.
  • Our services cater to both public and private employers, regardless of size – from 150  to 15,000 employees, we customize solutions for you.


Elevate Employee Wellbeing and Optimize Productivity

Take Control of Absence Management in Your Organization

Ready to transform how your organization handles employee absence? It’s time to take the first step towards a more efficient, compliant, and healthy workplace. With our expertly designed Absence Management Services, you’re not just addressing absenteeism; you’re investing in the wellbeing of your workforce and the stability of your business.

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Erik Hinz, Absence Management Expert

Our Absence Management Services

Absence Complete

For Large Enterprises with Complex Needs

  • This robust, customized service provides personalized problem solving, ongoing consultative services, and compliance tools.
  • Key offerings include Subject Matter Expert Consulting, Absence Program Assessment, Management, and Total Cost of Absence Analysis.

Absence Navigator

Ideal for Employers with Under 1,000 Employees

  • This bundled solution offers effective leave management tools and adherence to regulatory compliance laws.
  • It includes access to six easy-to-use tools and implementation in 45 days or less.

State Absence and Leave Law Consulting

  • Expert guidance in navigating state-specific paid and medical leave laws.

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Discover the Difference with Our Absence Management Solutions:

  • Personalized Strategies: Tailored solutions that align with your unique business needs.
  • Comprehensive Support: From legal compliance to employee health, we cover all aspects of absence management.
  • Proven Results: Enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve employee satisfaction.

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