Real Estate Investment Property Insurance

The portfolios of real estate investors and property managers alike are ever-growing. Many investors and property managers don’t realize that as your real estate portfolio grows, your insurance coverage should evolve with it. Some property managers often work with the same local agent for over 10 years without ever re-evaluating whether their coverage is right for them or if they could save money by way of a master policy. 

Horton’s Real Estate Practice believes firmly in our unique approach to the real estate sector. Both the insurance and risk management needs of this industry are very different than that of other industries. As such, experience, expertise, creativity, and professionalism are mandatory. We welcome the opportunity to meet you and learn more about your business. Please give us a call to set up an introductory meeting.

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What Is Real Estate Investment Property Insurance?

What Is Real Estate Investment Property Insurance?

Often referred to as “landlord insurance” or "rental property insurance," this coverage allows you to protect your portfolio of single-family properties, multi-family units, as well as larger commercial buildings with a variety of coverages. Horton’s Investment Property and Real Estate Portfolio Manager Insurance program is specifically designed to protect property managers as well as individual and corporate real estate investors from the risks that come with being a property manager or real estate investor. 

Frequently Asked Questions for Investment Property and Property Portfolio Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions for Real Estate Investment Property Insurance

What are the main challenges and risks for landlords, real estate investors, and portfolio managers? 

  • Unorganized insurance programs 
  • Perpetuation 
  • Tenant discrimination 
  • Tenant slip & fall 
  • Acquisitions  
  • Reputational risk 
  • Unprotected indemnification loss 
  • Theft by tenant or employee 
  • Violence on premises 
  • Lease review 
  • Workers’ compensation 
  • Technology 
  • Fire / property loss 
  • Premium & cost allocation by property 
  • Public safety 

What insurance coverage is needed for landlords, real estate investors, and portfolio managers? 

  • Property / Business Interruption / Loss of Rents 
  • General Liability Coverage 
  • Umbrella / Excess Liability 
  • Tenant Discrimination 
  • Employment Practices / Management Liability  
  • Pollution (Mold) 
  • Cyber – First & Third Party 
  • Crime 

What program advantages are there in having Horton write my property coverage?  

  • Specialized, experienced, and professional brokers guiding you every step of the way 
  • Competitive pricing for your property portfolio insurance 
  • Efficient and timely quoting process 
  • Contract / lease review 
  • 24-hour claims service & advocacy 
  • Loss control & risk improvement guidance 
  • Organized cost allocation 
  • Carrier relationships 
  • Recommendations on any additional coverages needed 

How does Horton utilize benchmarking data when it comes to deciding what coverage I might need?

  • We provide quality benchmarking data that can guide you on what coverage you should have for your real estate portfolio and what rate range you should be in.

What other ways can Horton help protect my real estate portfolio?

  • Horton can assist greatly in the transfer of risk. When you hire a subcontractor to do work on your properties, how are you transferring the risk to the sub and off of you? You may have a subcontract in place, but do you monitor and ensure that your subs are signing them and have the insurance to comply with the requirements? Our team can be there to guide you through the process.

Can I make Horton my broker without changing insurance carriers?

  • Yes! You can work with us even if you prefer to stay with your current insurance carrier. We will keep you with your insurance company but provide a higher level of satisfaction to you and your stakeholders.

Recent Horton rental property insurance success stories

Recent Horton Real Estate Investment Property Insurance Success Stories

  • CLIENT A: One of our clients was a property management company  with 4,500 units (both under ownership & management). Shortly after we started working with this company, we  discovered several issues that impacted their business. Although they worked with the same local agent for over 10 years, the whimsical nature of the habitational insurance market forced them to look outside that relationship. Their insurance carrier arbitrarily decided to increase premiums and inflate the portfolio’s build values. The insurance carrier also failed to fully pay for a $1,000,000+ claim. Our in-house claims staff, who specialize in real estate claims, handled this process and developed a master insurance program covering all of the company's interests. We aligned this company with stable insurance providers and saved them over $500,000 in annual premiums.  
  • CLIENT B: We worked with a local property investment firm that did not have a comprehensive statement of values for their 1,500 units. After discovering this, we  worked with each property manager and several other employees to  develop a detailed summary of this property owner’s portfolio. During that process, we uncovered that their current “relationship” with the insurance carrier was not as strong as they perceived it to be – much of information in the portfolio proved to be false.  This “misinformation” cost the firm tens of thousands of additional insurance premiums each year for the past 10 years. Continued examples of last-minute changes and exhausting negotiations to their renewals led to additional heartburn. The concept of Horton’s customized service schedule and real estate practice team, combined with our ability to pair the insured with specialized insurance carriers, proved our commitment to the habitational real estate insurance industry.  We saved this customer premium dollars and enhanced the coverage provided by their insurance program. 
  • CLIENT C: Until our recent involvement, this property owner of 1,800 units had a separate insurance policy for each of its owned and managed locations. Through our creative approach to gaining economies of scale, we developed a master policy for all properties that saved the firm over 30% of their annual insurance premium spend. Adding a level of complexity was the fact that the portfolio was made up of properties located in both the Midwest and the Southern Coast (Florida and North Carolina). Our approach saved this client significant money in insurance premiums and made it easier to manage their specific risk profile by protecting all properties under one platform.

The above are just a few examples of ways we have been able to help local real estate investors, owners, and managers. Contact Horton’s Real Estate Practice experts to help protect your investment portfolio today. 

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Investment Property Insurance Experts

Dennis Moynihan

Dennis Moynihan is a Vice President for Horton’s Risk Advisory Solutions. In this role, Dennis is responsible for providing Horton clients with comprehensive, cost-effective and innovative solutions to meet their most complex, risk-related challenges.

Matt Meyer

Matt Meyer is a Senior Vice President for The Horton Group. Matt’s extensive knowledge of insurance and risk management helps him meet the diverse needs of Horton’s clients. His background includes working in Horton’s Construction and Real Estate practice groups in providing Horton clients with comprehensive, cost-effective and innovative solutions to meet their most complex, risk-related challenges and opportunities.

Ryan Smale

Ryan Smale serves as a Director of Sales for Horton. In this role, Ryan drives overall strategic direction and sales and organizational leadership, focusing on organic growth and new business development focusing specifically on the Construction Practice Group.