Training & Development as a Core Competency

Training & Development as a Core Competency

Every agency owner eventually reaches the limit of their ability to add new business. To continue growing, it becomes necessary to add producers. At Horton, we’ve confronted this head-on.

New production talent is an investment. Industry best practices suggest a new producer investment in the range of 2% of revenue is needed (higher if the success rate is low). Also, achieving success with new producers requires an additional investment in support, training and mentoring.

Would you invest 2%+ of your net worth in the stock market if you didn’t have confidence you would get a return? But many agencies make investments in producers without thinking through the support, training, and mentoring infrastructure that’s needed.

Unfortunately, industry studies indicate less than 25% of all new producer hires are successful. Without successful new producers, it is not possible to grow, meet the production demands of carriers or create a viable succession plan.

Horton has determined Producer recruiting, training, and development program must be a core competency to achieve long-term independence. Our program not only helps attract new talent, but puts them on a path to production in a faster time, and helps them to create the wealth needed to perpetuate the ownership of a firm.