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5 Tips to Prevent Car Theft

Wednesday, October 6, 2021
5 Tips to Prevent Car Theft

The recent pandemic has created the perfect storm for an increase in these thefts. In fact, there were 873,080 vehicle thefts in 2020, according to a National Insurance Crime Bureau study. Vehicle theft is a multibillion-dollar crime industry, with a vehicle stolen every 43.8 seconds in the United States.

Don’t become the next victim of vehicle theft. Follow these prevention tips to protect your vehicle from theft:

  • Always keep your vehicle locked, even when driving.
  • Install anti-theft devices within your vehicles, such as steering wheel locks or fuel cut-off switches.
  • Don’t leave your vehicle running and unattended.
  • Never leave valuables visible in your vehicle, as these items could attract potential thieves. Stow important items out of sight.
  • Contact the police immediately to file a report, if your vehicle is stolen. You’ll also need to notify your insurance company to kick-start the claim process.

Thieves can steal any vehicle, but you can make your vehicle a more difficult target for criminals by adding layers of protection.

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