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A Local Agent vs. Industry Expert – Knowing the Difference

Thursday, June 16, 2022
Will Cray
A Local Agent vs. Industry Expert – Knowing the Difference

By: Will Cray / Sales Executive, Risk Advisory Solutions

You should not choose your insurance agent just because they are close to you. The importance of choosing an agent who understands your industry versus someone close in proximity is a common issue many of our customers saw faced prior to coming to Horton. 

Today, with advanced technology, someone who is halfway across the country can be right on your computer screen with the click of a button! 

There are several occurrences during the year where we receive a call from someone that is being canceled or non-renewed by their insurance company. The insurance company did not realize what they were insuring and or was uncomfortable with the business after they submitted their first claim.

There is a high probability the local insurance agent does not know what a bulk tank is, or what a 6-pack is (unless you’re talking about beer), a dewar, or many of the other industry-specific items that go into making up a welding and gas distributor. If they do not understand the business, how can they properly insure it? We genuinely understand the compressed gas industry, and we know the insurance coverages that are essential to protecting your business

  • Do you have an MCS 90 on your insurance policy? If you do, does your umbrella follow form if you need it to? 
  • Taking that one step further, is your insurance set up, so you are handed the bill, or do they pay? 
  •  How about your escaped gas endorsement, do you have insurance for this? If you do, is the writing set up that in the event of a claim you are going to be denied because of some hidden exclusion?

These are just a couple of the many issues we see when we review an insurance policy with a local agent or an agent that only insures one or maybe a few gas distributors. 

Do not let the need for a local relationship compromise your business’s liability coverage. We are not saying you need to change, but you do need to consider a coverage review to make sure everything is as “buttoned up” as possible, based on your operations. We would be happy to explore this topic with you at length and or review your policy. Please contact us, and we can set up a time (using technology if need be) to dive in and make sure you have the most reliant coverage in place to protect your business’s future. 



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