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Avoiding OSHA Citations

Thursday, August 5, 2021
Avoiding OSHA Citations

When OSHA shows up at your job site, how prepared are you to respond?

Driving Down OSHA Compliance Risk

This case study shows how the right approach can save the day.

Providing prompt response to emergencies involving accidents, injuries, or OSHA inspections is a crucial service we offer at Horton Safety Consultants. Since the majority of our safety consulting clients lack full-time safety professionals, they rely on our help during critical times. This was exemplified when a client from East Moline, IL, approached us for assistance after an employee suffered a finger amputation on a spot welding machine.

Many of our clients are anxious about OSHA inspections and rely on us to guide them through the process. Our consultants possess a deep understanding of employers’ rights and OSHA’s onsite inspection limitations. How employers respond to OSHA inspections can mean the difference between a successful outcome and many citations and thousands of dollars in penalties.

In line with our commitment to our clients, one of our consultants promptly responded to the urgent request for assistance. He left to help our client with the inspection OSHA had planned for that day. The consultant had already done his investigation and briefed the client on what to expect in anticipation of the inspector’s arrival. However, the OSHA inspection did not occur that day as planned, but the consultant returned the following day to assist our client as he routinely does.

We understand the anxiety that OSHA inspections can cause and are always ready to assist our clients during critical times. We provide our clients with expert guidance to help them avoid citations and penalties and ensure they are prepared for OSHA inspections. Read the full case study here.

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