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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Employee Navigator Overview

What does Employee Navigator offer to HR Professionals?


 The Employee Navigator platform centralizes your HR records online and syncs your employee data across multiple systems — including Payroll, Benefits, and Time Off.


Employee Self Service

Employees can view and update their own information. They can request time off, make benefit elections, view company related documents, and even make life event changes.

Automatic Employee Updates

With Employee Navigator, changes to employee information, such as addresses, promotions, and terminations will automatically update across the Employee Navigator platform. Say goodbye to dual entry.

All Your Documents, Available On Demand

Store and distribute all of your company’s documents in one place. From handbooks and agreements to benefits and compliance forms, you can store everything in one secure location

Online Employee Directory

Through our online employee directory, your entire team can easily stay connected with each other.

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