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Energi’s Alternative Energy Solutions Programs for the Solar Industry

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Customers today have been shaped by return policies and the mentality that you can return anything that falls short of expectations.

When purchasing a solar system, new customers follow the same procedure. Solar developers and installers face a common problem based on the buying mentality of average consumers. How can the concerns of consumers be reduced and mitigated?

Energi’s Alternative Energi Solutions division is a market leader in providing risk management programs for advanced energy projects, including solar and energy efficiency. Energi’s Solar Installation Performance Warranty (SIPW) is a contractual liability policy that stands behind the installer’s guarantee that their system will perform as designed.

Warranty Program Features

  • Marketing Tool to Protect the System’s Guaranteed Output: Allows project owners to help ensure predictability and cash flows from their solar arrays’ energy output.
  • Provides Security to Project Owners where Manufacturer’s Performance Guarantee excludes “Improper Installation”: Energi’s performance warranty covers lowered energy output as a result of contractor’s installation or design work, thus filling in the coverage gap that exists on manufacturer’s performance guarantees.
  • In-house Engineering Resources: Our seasoned engineering experts have extensive energy experience and participate closely in the underwriting process.
  • Facilitates Growth of the Market: By providing a secure backstop with insurance, the Performance Guarantee program allows contractors to grow and bid on increasingly large projects
  • Warranty Claims Oversight: Energi’s experienced claims handling team, as well as our engineering experts, will continually monitor realized savings in order to pre-empt and remediate any claims that may arise.
  • Competitive Premiums: The Performance Warranty program offers fair and affordable premiums based on a percentage of the total guaranteed solar energy output, which is a function of KWh multiplied by the stipulated KWh price. This value may include Solar Renewable Energy Credits and other rebates. 

In addition to SIPW, Energi offers additional programs including property and casualty, builders’ risk, pollution/environmental lines, as well as offering superb loss prevention and safety services through eRisk Solutions. The services offered include loss control inspections, access to an online Loss Prevention and Safety Portal with over 300+ safety training videos, accident reconstruction, cause & origin investigations, and claims adjustment services. eRisk also offers on-site programs such as defensive driver training, utilizing Mobile Training Centers located throughout the United States.

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