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HortonConnect: Certificate of Insurance Issuance and Management

Thursday, May 28, 2020
Margaret Bastick

Directions: Issuing a Certificate of Insurance 

1. To issue a certificate of insurance, click on Certificate Management in the upper header.

2. This will take you to a screen showing the various certificate templates available. Please choose the template that applies to your needs.

3. To add a new certificate of insurance, please click Add Holder.

4. Enter the certificate holder’s name and address into the Holder Information section.

5. If endorsement forms need to accompany the certificate, these can be attached in the Endorsement section by clicking View/Edit. Check the boxes for which endorsements you would like to attach to the certificate and click Save.

6. If any information needs to be added to the Description of Operations, such as Job Names or Descriptions, additional insured wording, or waivers of subrogation. If you have any concerns about adding specific wording to the certificate, please contact your Assistant Client Manager for clarification.

7. If you would like to send the certificate directly to the certificate holder, please includ their information within the Recipient 1 field. If you would like to send the current certificate and a copy upon renewal, please check the boxes: Email Current Cert and Email Renewal Cert.

8. If you would like a copy to be sent to yourself as well, please check the box Send Me Confirmation and include your email address.

9. To finalize, click Submit.

Directions: Access a Previously Issued Certificate

1. On the home screen, click Certificate Management.

2. Click Previously Issued.

3. Select the certificate you would like to reissue. To narrow your search, you can also search by Holder Name.

4. Once a certificate is selected, you will be prompted to select which action you would like to complete. Please choose between ReprintResend, and ReviseReprint will download the certificate to your files. Resend will prompt you to enter Recipient information. Revise will allow you to make adjustments to the certificate (the view will look similar to when you originally issued the certificate).

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