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How Does the CARES Act Address Small Business Loans?

Thursday, April 2, 2020

The CARES Act is the largest economic stimulus measure in modern history and promises to provide help for struggling American families and businesses. Specifically, the Act includes the following provisions:

  • The Act includes nearly $350 billion for a federal small business loan program called the Paycheck Protection Program. The program is designed to get cash in the hands of suffering small businesses quickly, with less stringent eligibility requirements than the existing U.S. Small Business Association (SBA) loan programs. Paycheck Protection Program loans are designed to incentivize business owners to keep employees on the payroll.
  • In addition to businesses already eligible for SBA programs, most businesses with 500 or fewer employees are now eligible for disaster loans of up to $2 million for working capital. Those businesses will also be eligible for an emergency cash advance of $10,000 within days of making the application, which is not repayable even if their loan application is denied.
Overview of CARES Act Small Business Loan Provisions

As noted above, the CARES Act provides two main avenues for obtaining a business loan. The links below provide an overview of the eligibility requirements, key loan terms, and how to apply for each program: 

  1. Through the Paycheck Protection Program
    Read More | Loan Application
  2. Through the SBA as a disaster loan
    Read More | Loan Application

Not sure which option to choose? The Committee on Small Business has already created a great CARES Act Flow Chart for Small Businesses for businesses to explore their options.

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