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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Horton Group understands that businesses in the manufactured housing industry face many unique exposures, which require specialized insurance protection. Our experienced sales professionals assess your current insurance situation and make recommendations to improve your overall program.

Highlights and Features:

We Offer Unique Protection…

  • Building and Personal Property
  • Automobile
  • Open Lot Inventory
  • Liability Workers’ Compensation
  • Umbrella

This insurance program offers coverages that are unique to the manufactured housing industry.

Highlights and Features:

For Communities…

  • General liability policy that is rated on number of sites, not receipts, saving most insureds money up front and at audit.
  • Broadened coverage form for Business Income, uniquely tailored for communities.

For Sales Centers…

  • Open Lot policy includes a broad definition of covered property, including property sold but not delivered, property in your care, custody or control and property in transit or installation.
  • Home sales exposure included on the Garage policy, and rated on payroll of sales and service employees, limited to specific dollar amount. Often less costly than rating on annual sales receipts.

For Members of the WI Housing Alliance eligible to participate in the insurance program…

  • Participation in the Safety Group Dividend plan, which potentially could develop a dividend payment to the Alliance, based on the group’s overall loss experience.

The Horton Group is the exclusive agent for the property and liability insurance program, underwritten by Employers Mutual Companies (EMC) and endorsed by the Wisconsin Housing Alliance. The program is available to manufactured housing Communities and Retail members of the Wisconsin Housing Alliance.
  • Based in Waukesha, the Horton Group has sales professionals that travel throughout the state for that “Personal Touch”
  • Policyholder service provided by a licensed, dedicated customer service representative with over 20 years in the insurance industry
  • Full Service independent agency including Health and Life coverages

To learn more about coverages available for your Manufactured Housing Community or Sales Center, please contact: Jean Jones
Direct Phone: 262.347.2650
Toll Free: 800.242.9028 x2650

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