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Is My Jewelry Covered?

Tuesday, December 6, 2022
Is My Jewelry Covered?

A residential fire occurs approximately every 90 seconds in America, and more than two million burglaries occur annually.

These sobering statistics should make you pause and evaluate whether all of your property and valuables are properly covered. If you are like most people, you own many items that are sentimentally or financially meaningful to you. All home insurance policies have specific internal limits on items such as jewelry, watches, furs, cash, firearms and silverware.

These limits vary by category from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, and in most cases, these limits are inadequate. By adding an endorsement to your home policy, or purchasing a separate “personal articles floater” from the same carrier, your jewelry can be properly protected.

This endorsement will cover the items to their appraised value or offer replacement cost coverage, and in most cases offer worldwide coverage with no deductible. Since many of the items listed above are “mobile”, mysterious disappearance is typically included when scheduling items on your policies. Are your cherished valuables properly covered? Why not call your personal service representative today, to review your policy and gain peace of mind knowing that you are protected should the unexpected become reality.

This could happen to you…

A woman wearing an anniversary ring from her husband noticed that the diamond was missing from its setting after a day of being outdoors. Her personal insurance policy only provided coverage for $2,000 per jewelry item. For less than $100, she could have scheduled her $10,000 ring on her insurance policy, which would have fully covered her for this loss, and also provided worldwide and “mysterious disappearance” coverage.


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