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Keep Your Joints Healthy

Friday, May 20, 2016
Keep Your Joints Healthy

Keeping your joints and cartilage healthy allows you to run, walk and jump without experiencing any discomfort or pain. And, although normal aging can lead to arthritis and other joint disorders, it’s still important to take some active steps to protect your joints.

  • Physical activity: Engage in regular exercise to keep the muscles around your joints strong and to reduce the stress on your body. Even individuals with arthritis can benefit from physical activity, as it will help keep their joints working well.
  • Healthy dieting: Eat healthy, nutritious food to manage your weight and keep your bones healthy.
  • Healthy posture: Sit and stand properly to reduce the stress put on the joints between your neck and knees.

If you experience any pain or swelling in your joints, apply an ice pack to the area and rest it for a half hour daily. Additionally, talk to your doctor if you experience prolonged discomfort.

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