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Letter to the Professional Driver

Friday, September 22, 2023
Tony Hopkins
Professional Driver

In this litigious environment, help us (and yourself) by keeping a clean driving record.

Dear Driver (including anyone with a company car), 

Thanks for doing what you do every day. You’ve got one of the toughest jobs in the workforce today. In your line of work, it’s not good enough to be good most of the time – you’ve got to be good ALL of the time. At any point, if you have a momentary lapse in judgment or attention, there is a significant risk to property damage and or more importantly, people’s lives and wellbeing.

Today’s roads are more congested than ever, with more distracted drivers than ever. Far too many drivers don’t give you the respect you deserve, making your already challenging job even more difficult and testing you regarding proper driving techniques, maintaining a safe following distance, changing lanes, or even simply driving down the road.

Despite the difficulty in your job, you’re getting more scrutinized than ever before. With the litigation trend running wild in the US, large auto liability lawsuits and settlements have become commonplace. Large lawsuits have put some companies out of business. This has forced insurance carriers and underwriters to dictate extremely strict MVR criteria.

If you have any of this activity on your MVR in the last 3-5 years (underwriter dependent), you must be removed from driving duties. You may even be terminated due to becoming uninsurable. It also does not matter whether this citation comes while driving for work or while driving personally:

  • Excess Speeding (20+ over)
  • Hit and Run 
  • Driving without a license

A combination of 3 accidents/citations in the last 3 years could also make you uninsurable/unemployable. 

We know how much working means to you, and frankly, we need you, too. Please, please do your best to keep your motor vehicle record clean. It allows us to keep you on as a driver, and the more drivers we have with a clean record, the lower our auto insurance premiums will be. Keeping costs low allows for increased re-investment within the organization and our most important assets, our employees.

Thanks again for doing what you do. Drive safe out there!


Your Employer

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