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People of Horton: Amy Vos

Tuesday, October 27, 2020
People of Horton: Amy Vos

Team player. Go-getter. Dealmaker.

Amy came to Horton fresh out of college. However, her introduction came before that through a summer project opportunity during an acquisition. Her two-week project flourished into an invitation to join Horton’s summer softball team – keeping comradery alive beyond the corporate walls. She made a strong impression even though it was a short project.

“One of my favorite mantras is always to say yes to opportunity because you can always learn later. Saying ‘yes’ has brought me great success at Horton, from promotions to designations and new projects that aren’t always applicable to my direct position, leading to a lot of my success. Always be willing and eager to learn and put yourself out there.”


Amy is responsible for finding the best coverage options at the best pricing for Horton’s clients. Often, she is the one “behind the scenes” interacting and negotiating with insurance carriers on behalf of the customer. She always approaches those conversations as if the customer’s business was her very own. 

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