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People of Horton: Chris Pfeiffer

Tuesday, December 15, 2020
People of Horton: Chris Pfeiffer

Brother. Safety Expert. Newfoundland Dog Owner.

Chris joined Horton in 2010 as a Safety Consulting Intern. Chris originally had two other majors before safety at Illinois State University. After taking a class called “Safety and Society,” he found his true calling. 10 years later, Chris has held practically every role within Horton’s Safety Consulting division from Safety Consultant to Senior Consultant, Vice President, and Team Manager. 

He enjoys this line of work because “you see something new every day; how things are made; and where the products come from that we use on an every-day basis.”

He also holds a couple of strong pieces of advice for younger employees just beginning their careers:

  1. Work hard.
  2. Research outside of working hours. Come to a problem with a proposed solution.
  3. Be responsive, especially in safety. Accidents happen at ANY time.

Driven to achieve personal goals and company vision with passion and purpose.

After 10 years of supervising Chris, Safety Practice Leader, Gary Glader, shared a reflection of Chris’s journey at Horton thus far.

“29 years of hiring entry-level and experienced safety professionals provides one with the ability to spot a diamond in the rough. Such was the case when Chris Pfeiffer joined the safety consulting team 10 years ago. Chris first came to us as an intern, where we had the opportunity to observe his characteristics and work behaviors. His performance as an intern led to an offer of full-time employment upon graduating from Illinois State University’s occupational safety program. As a full-time employee, Chris demonstrated his mettle and strong work ethic and earned the right to take on increasingly difficult assignments early in his career as a safety professional. As our team continued to grow, it became obvious Chris would excel in a leadership position and was promoted to lead the team of consultants in Illinois, and eventually, all locations. Everyone who works with Chris understands he is driven to provide the highest quality of service in the safety consulting profession. Through dedication and hard work, Chris has earned the respect of his teammates and many others at Horton.”

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