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People of Horton: Tina Harville

Friday, November 13, 2020
People of Horton: Tina Harville

Mother. Trailblazer. Companion.

Tina joined Horton in 2016 as a Client Manager in Horton’s Employee Benefit Solutions Division. She worked for huge companies where, at times, you just felt like a number. Horton was different this time around because it was smaller, but it had a family-style atmosphere. The CEO knew her name and stopped by her desk in conversation throughout the year. 

She also loves Horton for its openness to new ideas. 

“At my previous company, we had a program called LifeMart. It was an employee discount website for purchasing computers, hotels, rental cars, restaurants, gift cards, and more at a discounted rate. There wasn’t a program in place like this at Horton. I introduced it to my manager, upper management, and HR, and I connected LifeMart to Horton. Ultimately, they implemented the program. When I think back to the day that the program was launched to the employees, I was so excited because here it is, I’m a new employee and introduced a new idea. They listened, took action, and implemented the program. It feels great to work for a company where you can affect change.”

Together, treating one another with respect to create an uplifting environment.

What Tina likes most about her team is knowing that everyone genuinely cares for one another. That care or concern can include the death in a family, sickness of a loved one, or perhaps you don’t feel your best on a particular day. Everyone is generally open to sharing what is going on in their lives. 

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