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Six Tips to Decrease Shipper Claims

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Not only do claims cost money by way of settlements, but they eat up a lot of employees’ time and attention.  The indirect costs associated with claims can often multiply the settlement by 2-10 times ($100 claim could cost $1,000), not to mention the lost business or lost referral opportunities.

  1. Document, Document, Document – Properly inventory and notify shippers of damage before loading.
  2. Training – Take extra care in properly training your employees.  If you don’t have the resources to conduct your own, check out AMSA’s programs. 
  3. Track Performance – Keep logs of crews/employees/contractors on their claim performance and take corrective action on repeat offenders (could include re-training all the way to termination).
  4. Charge Backs – Hit the employees/contractors right in the wallet (sometimes it’s the only way to get through).
  5. Educate Salesmen and Estimators – Stop the problem before it starts.  Anyone experienced in the moving industry can tell when shippers are likely to be trouble.  Walk away from that job!  Get the next one, you’ll thank yourself later.
  6. Great Customer Service – Everyone makes mistakes, if the shipper has a good experience is less likely to turn in a claim, a shipper with a bad experience is more likely to turn in a claim.  Introduce the crew on arrival, explain the process, use runners, take care, etc.



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