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At The Horton Group, our roots may be in various states across the U.S., but our reach and expertise extend far beyond. As a leading insurance broker, we’re not just limited to the states where our offices are located. We take pride in offering comprehensive insurance solutions across every U.S. state and in most countries around the world. Whether you’re looking to protect your business, your family, or your assets, our global network and deep understanding of international insurance landscapes mean we’ve got you covered, no matter where life takes you. Trust us to be your worldwide insurance ally, providing the peace of mind you need to thrive globally.

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An Assurex Global Partner

What does that mean?

Assurex Global is the world’s largest privately-held risk management and commercial insurance brokerage group. Becoming a partner means you’ve earned a premier market position, a history of growth, and remained committed to a breadth of services based on quality and integrity.

Horton is proud to be on that list.

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The Horton Group offers insurance, risk advisory, employee benefits and consulting services to Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Florida.

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