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Association Program for Illinois Physicians

Physicians’ specialized insurance needs demand specialized protection.

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Protect Yourself. Protect Your Family

Physicians have very demanding jobs, and often the future of their long-term financial success is dependent on the success of their practices. But what if an accident or medical condition resulted in your inability to practice? How would that impact your financial outlook?

MGIS and the Horton Group have partnered to offer a specialized program with elite service and expert guidance physicians expect. This coverage supplements any Individual Disability Insurance (IDI).

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Be Protected in Case of Disability

Protect the income needs of physicians with specialized group long-term disability coverage that supplements the Individual Disability Insurance (IDI) they purchased, but leaves gaps as their incomes grow.


Exclusively Designed for Illinois Physicians

  • Available exclusively from the Horton Group.
  • Access to the strongest Group Physician disability contract in the industry.
  • 10% savings to any physician practice that is new to joining Horton’s association program via MGIS.

Specialized Physician Group Disability Benefits:

  • Rounds out the physician’s disability protection need by acting as an IDI supplement and stacks right on top of any IDI coverage without benefit offsets or medical underwriting.
  • Own Procedures Definition of Disability—you are disabled if you cannot perform the actual procedures you have earned your living from the last 12 months. It doesn’t matter what any other physician may be able to do, even those in your same specialty/sub-specialty. We review your CPT/CDT codes at claim time to ensure you have that level of protection.
  • No managed disability provisions.
  • No mandatory rehabilitation programs.
  • No Other Hidden Limitations—Benefits are not limited or reduced for issues such as self-reported injuries, 40-hour work week requirements, maximum required workload, or other typical group LTD limitations.
  • Allows for international travel/residency restrictions. No maximum capacity provisions.
  • For partial disability, there is a 24 month RTW (return to work) incentive where physicians can earn up to 100% of their pre-disability earnings while they return to work on a partial disability basis.
  • After this 24-month period, the policy allows for a partial benefit. Dedicated Physicians-only claims unit.

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