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NHRC Round Table – What Bosses Must Do To Engage Remote Employees

Thursday, April 8, 2021, 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM EST
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NHRC Round Table – What Bosses Must Do To Engage Remote Employees

Joe Mull, CSP, author of the books CURE FOR THE COMMON LEADER and NO MORE TEAM DRAMA translates the latest research in employee engagement and motivation into a handful of strategies leaders must use to engage remote employees. Joe uses humor, energy, and a dynamic virtual experience to share evidence-based strategies for leading teams and cultivating commitment in the workplace.

Participants will learn the conditions leaders must create to trigger employee commitment, best practices to maximize employee connection in remote environments and tactics for supervising employees without micromanaging them. Sean Dauber and Alec Wohlever from The Horton Group will also be presenting on benefit trends during COVID and how to handle remote employee engagement.  The Horton Group will also be raffling off gift cards to 2 lucky winners!

Joe Mull

Speaker | Author | Commitment Consultant  / Bio

Joe Mull, M.Ed, CSP previously led training for one of the largest physician groups in the U.S.  SInce 2013 his agency has worked with companies all over the U.S. teaching leaders how to be better bosses.  Joe is the author of 2 books and host of the Boss Better Now podcast.  Joe is in demand nationally as a speaker and trainer.  As a certified Speaking Professional, Joe holds the highest earned designation in professional speaking, held by less than 20% of professional speakers worldwide.

Sean Dauber

Senior Vice President / Horton Group / Bio

In the US, declining birthrates, advances in health care technology, government legislation, and massive numbers of retiring Baby Boomers are accelerating health care spending. Thus, in the coming decade, health care will almost certainly become a larger sector of economic activity.

Even though governments cannot easily expand their sources of funds, the pressure to provide adequate health care will continue. Limited funding will only drive additional legislative intervention and add more administrative burdens on employers. “This is why I believe it is essential for employers to partner with an advisor who stays abreast of health care’s ever-changing business climate, and who can creatively and effectively help manage their employee benefit plans,” stated Sean Dauber, Senior Vice President – Employee Benefit Solutions.


Alec Wohlever 

Sales Executive / Horton Group / Bio

Alec Wohlever is a Sales Executive for Horton’s Employee Benefit Solutions. In this role, Alec is responsible for providing expert employee benefits consulting, bringing new clients on board, and servicing and retaining existing clients. He is part of a team of employee benefits-focused specialists dedicated to delivering innovative healthcare solutions to employers.

“An employee benefits broker should be a client’s trusted advisor in a space full of complexity and uncertainty. Working with a client is a partnership rather than just a business transaction.” It is with this mentality that Alec is able to help his customers achieve a higher level of performance. 



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