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NonProfit Connecting Your Wellness and Safety Programs

Friday, April 23, 2021, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM CST
NonProfit Connecting Your Wellness and Safety Programs

Industry leaders understand that it’s not just about the types of programs they offer, it’s about how these programs can work together to better serve the needs of their organization, drive down cost, and enhance their employee experience while helping to control claims.

Meet one of Horton’s Wellness Client Managers, Julie Gloodt, and our Safety Team Manager, Chris Pfeiffer, for a candid conversation about how overlapping their two specialties will help provide a more comprehensive program and ultimately reduce chronic conditions and workplace injury.

We’ll look at the connection between wellness and safety in:

  • Diabetic claims
  • Musculoskeletal claims/work comp
  • Incentive programs

Julie Gloodt / Client Manager / Bio

Julie Gloodt works as a Client Manager in Wellness for Horton’s Consulting Solutions division. In this role, Julie is responsible for providing clients with expert wellness solutions including health education seminars, on-site biometric screenings, health risk assessments, and health and benefit fairs. Julie is a part of a team of specialists dedicated to helping clients lower healthcare costs and increase productivity by improving employee health.

Chris Pfeiffer / Team Manager / Bio

Chris Pfeiffer is a certified safety and health professional with experience working in construction and general industry environments. Chris’ primary responsibility as Vice President is to provide resources and support to our team in the field. His other duties include managing clients, delegating work projects among team members, and building and maintaining a book of business to ensure performance and financial team goals are achieved. 


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