Food Manufacturing Insurance

The food manufacturing industry is complex. You face many challenges and risks in your day-to-day operations, leaving several opportunities for workplace accidents and product damages. So, when it comes to choosing the right insurance coverage, you need to consult a team that is dedicated, transparent and up-to-date on the latest regulations.

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Food Manufacturing Insurance Services

Food Manufacturing Insurance Services

We Make Sure You Are Covered and Prepared

Our capabilities range from securing basic insurance coverage to implementing workplace safety plans. Your Horton team will serve as your “part-time safety director,” and provide all of the services your business needs to manage its risks while building a stronger culture of safety. This includes, but is not limited to, the following services: 
  • Build health and safety programs that address:
    • Equipment/machine operations and guarding
    • Electrical safety and lockout tagout
    • Hazard communication
    • Globally harmonized systems
    • Housekeeping and combustible dust
    • Ergonomics
    • Soft tissue injury prevention
  • Provide crucial mandatory training for employees, which includes but is not limited to: Create safety observations and audits, using a software that provides statistical probability of accidents and injuries
    • Powered industrial truck, scissor and aerial lift training and certification
    • Authorized, affected and other lockout/tagout application training
    • First-aid, CPR & AED training and certification for key company personnel
    • Routine training sessions for managers, supervisors and leads to ensure facility safety and employee work practices are compliant with applicable OSHA standards and company directions
  • Conduct documented accident and injury investigations and offer recommendations for preventing similar cases in the future
  • Develop and execute an Accident Review Board
  • Evaluate industrial hygiene activities to ensure compliance with OSHA standards, specifically reviewing:
    • Hazardous and toxic substances
    • Respiratory protection regulations
    • Hearing conservation standards
    • General personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements

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Frequently Asked Questions About Food Manufacturing Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions About Food Manufacturing Insurance

What are the main insurance-related risks for food manufacturers?

Based on our experience on the field and the most common OSHA citations, food manufacturers are at risk for the following situations:
  • Product spoilage, contamination or tampering
  • Falling object hazards
  • Injuries from working on dangerous equipment
  • Lack of quality assurance/quality control
  • Machine malfunctions
  • Factory fires
  • Providing a lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Poor management of highly hazardous chemicals
  • Poor hazard communication

What is an Accident Review Board, and how will this help my business long-term?

An Accident Review Board is comprised of key company personnel who review accidents and injuries in the workplace. Horton will help you determine the best members for your board – usually, it consists of your CFO, head of facilities, risk manager, head of human resources and a Horton safety consultant.
After an incident occurs, the board meets with the injured employee and their immediate supervisor to identify the cause of the incident and develop corrective actions necessary to provide similar situations in the future. If implemented correctly, this could drastically reduce the number and severity of work-related injuries in the future.

What are the benefits of having a “part-time safety director”?

Workplace accidents/injuries always happen suddenly and unexpectedly. And OSHA requires you to report these incidents quickly, which requires you to put your other job duties on hold. However, your part-time safety director can easily jump in and assist after an incident occurs and will handle all of the logistics to make this process easier for you. Our Horton safety consultants are well-versed in the latest OSHA regulations/updates and will ensure that you are properly prepared for all on-site inspections. Depending on the circumstances, they might be able to negotiate with OSHA, which could result in a reduction of penalties and/or citations.

What does food manufacturing insurance cost?

There are several factors that will impact the cost of food manufacturing insurance, including the size of your company, the amount of services you are requesting and your overall level of risk. For additional information, call Horton at (800) 383-8283.

Food Manufacturing Insurance Experts

Jonathan Reinecke

Jonathan Reinecke is a Shareholder, and serves as a Vice President of Sales in Horton's Employee Benefit Solutions Division. He brings several years of insurance experience in healthcare and insurance to the Horton's team of risk advisors, employee benefit and insurance specialists. In his role at Horton, Jonathan is responsible for providing strategic, cost-effective and innovative solutions to meet his clients' most complex, employee benefits and healthcare challenges.

TJ Connors

TJ Connors is a Sales Executive for Horton’s Benefit Solutions. In this role, TJ is responsible for providing industry expertise and consultative guidance to aid clients in navigating the ever-changing marketplace. He is part of a team of employee-benefits focused specialists dedicated to delivering innovative healthcare solutions to employers.

How can Horton Safety Consulting Services help your Manufacturing Business?

How can Horton Safety Consulting Services help your Manufacturing Business Operations?

Horton Safety Consultants can:

  • Develop organizational specific safety and health programs and procedures with special emphasis on manufacturing environment work activities and exposures. Special emphasis safety programs and procedures could include equipment and machine operations and guarding, electrical safety and lockout tagout, hazard communication; globally harmonized systems, housekeeping and combustible dust, ergonomics and soft tissue injury prevention.  
  • Provide authorized, affected and other lockout/tagout application training. 
  • Provide powered industrial truck, scissor and aerial lift training and certification.
  • Provide first-aid, CPR & AED training and certification for key company personnel. 
  • Provide routine training sessions for managers, supervisors and leads to ensure that facility safety and employee work practices are compliant with applicable OSHA standards and company directions.
  • Conduct safety observations and audits using the Predictive Solutions software platform. Predictive Solutions provides statistical probabilities regarding the occurrence of accidents and injuries. Formal reports with photographs depicting both safe and at-risk practices and conditions will be distributed to key company personnel.
  • Conduct documented accident and injury investigations. The investigation report will include descriptions and a summary of events, root causes and recommended actions; photographs will be taken. Horton Safety Consultants will use these investigations to solicit ideas and suggestions from all employees on how to prevent similar injuries or accidents from occurring in the future.
  • Develop and implement an Accident Review Board (ARB). The Accident Review Board is made up of key company personnel who review and hold meetings to discuss significant accidents or near misses. At regular intervals, the injured or involved employee and their supervisor report to the ARB meetings to discuss what events transpired and what must be addressed to prevent future events.
  • Capabilities to perform Industrial Hygiene activities necessary to ensure compliance with applicable OSHA hazardous and toxic substances requirements, OSHA’s respiratory protection regulations and OSHA’s hearing conservation standard.
  • “Part-Time Safety Director” Services

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