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Healthiest Companies In America 2008 Winners

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tootsie Roll, Cummins-Allison, Square D and American Financial Group Among Winners That Use Population Health Management to Address Employee Health Problems Early and Reduce Healthcare Costs
Arlington Heights, Ill., June 18, 2009 – Highly measurable progress in reducing medical costs and encouraging employee health through prevention-based healthcare has led 103 firms to be named the “Healthiest Companies in America” for 2008.
The award, based on clinical evaluations of employee participants across an index of key health indicators, was designed by Interactive Health Solutions (IHS), Arlington Heights, Ill., the leading provider of turnkey population health management programs to companies nationwide.
The Healthiest Companies in America for 2008 winners were selected from more than 2,000 organizations that participate in the IHS program. They range from educational facilities and municipalities, to manufacturers and service providers, including wellknown corporate brands such as Tootsie Roll, Cummins-Allison Corporation, Square D and American Financial Group.
Population Health Management Works
The Healthiest Companies in America winners have come to realize how Population Health Management differs from more commonly known wellness programs. It is a strategic approach that addresses healthcare concerns before they become issues — when employees are still at the “no risk” stage. Employees are assessed before they are symptomatic, rather than after they become ill and start incurring medical costs.
“The Healthiest Companies winners provide true preventative care because employers and employees take an active role in their own healthcare through our program, allowing them to assert added control over costs.” according to Jim Banks, IHS CEO.
IHS’ research indicates that in a typical company 58 percent of employees have medical conditions that are unknown and/or not being treated, and require some type of medical intervention. The IHS program serves as a healthcare ‘detective,’ finding symptoms and indicators before they become a treatable disease.
“We work to stop the employee population of our client companies from trickling into the healthcare system due to a lack of preventative care,” says Joe O’Brien, IHS president. “Doctors are not normally paid to prevent diseases, they are called on to treat them. What we are accomplishing with our clients is focusing on healthy people who choose to remain that way.”
Reducing Health Costs On The Job
Medical problems carry a high price tag in lost productivity and poor service quality. For example:

  • Employees who don’t get sick save money in medical costs. IHS calculates that on average, the 2008 Healthiest Companies in America spent $1,280 less per employee on annual healthcare costs.
  • Healthy employees perform better on the job. Rates of presenteeism (employees that are at work – but not performing) at the 2008 Healthiest Companies workplaces are 22 percent lower than non-participants.
  • Population Health Management helps slow rising healthcare costs. A 2007 study by Zoe Consulting, Inc., Catawba, South Carolina, showed that, for IHS participants, the actual medical cost growth rate was 54 percent less than the medical cost growth rates for non-participants.

IHS’ data also shows that companies with the most unhealthy employees have higher workmen’s compensation and short-term disability costs. Notably, the cost of the entire 12-month IHS preventative care program per employee amounts to less than if an employee had visited his or her physician for one regular check-up.
“IHS is proud to recognize the achievements – and especially, the commitment – of these companies and their employees,” says Banks. The impact of preventative care extends from the individual employee, who may enjoy a longer, more active life, to the employer, who gains healthier, more productive workers, and an effective means of impacting healthcare costs.”
The two categories of this year’s winners include Most Improved and Healthiest Companies Overall. Winning companies were selected based on best year-to-year aggregate Interactive Health Index (IHI) score improvement and best overall IHI score, respectively. A complete list of winners starts on page four.
Interactive Health Solutions, Inc. (IHS) provides turnkey population health management programs to companies nationwide. Program services are clinically based and fully HIPAA compliant. The year-round IHS program includes annual, on-site Health Evaluations; individualized health goals; in-person courses and online information about specific conditions; as well as full program administration, record keeping and reporting. IHS employs a national staff of medical professionals (physicians, phlebotomists, counselors, nurses and others) that administer the tests. IHS then reviews and recommends courses of action. The company maintains a comprehensive database and a virtual medical file for each participant. For more information, contact IHS at 800-840-6100, or visit
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