Risky Business

Risky Business

MULTINATIONAL companies have always paid careful attention to political risk in the developing world. No surprise there, given the risk premium attached to investment in emerging markets.

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Risky Business

Hear what the experts have to say

Hear what the experts have to say.

Political - Greg Valliere Talking About Political Issues

Greg Valliere - Interest rate outlook (1:37)

The Outlook for Interest Rates (from Horton Future Forum)

Greg Valliere has spent 30 years in Washington watching monetary policy, legislation, and politics.  Formerly the Director of Research for the Charles Schwab Research Group in D.C., today he is the Chief Political Strategist for the Potomac Research Group, advising pension funds and other institutional investors on the ever-changing political landscape and how it affects business.

Hear his outlook on interest rates and monetary policy, which impacts everything from demand for goods & services, insurance rates, company valuations, etc., and when we can expect to see that first rate hike.