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Reducing Costs and Workload: Managing Injuries and OSHA Inspections

Tuesday, July 12, 2022
Beth Strella
Drive Down Costs and Workload Associated with Injuries and OSHA Inspections

Traumatic work-related injuries and resultant OSHA inspections are difficult and stressful for many businesses to cope with. Not knowing how to respond can worsen the results of an OSHA inspection. A safety consulting firm with bench depth can be just what the doctor ordered.

One of the most critical services we provide is an immediate response to urgent situations involving accidents, injuries, or regulatory inspections. Because the vast majority of our safety consulting clients do not employ full-time safety professionals, they depend on Horton Safety Consultants to help in their greatest time of need. Such was the case of a client in East Moline, IL whose employee suffered a finger amputation on a spot welding machine.

Many of our clients fear the OSHA inspection process and depend on us to help guide them through the experience. Our consultants understand the rights of employers and OSHA’s specific limitations during onsite inspections. The employer’s response to an OSHA inspection has a tremendous impact on the outcome and citations and penalties issued.

In meeting our promise to respond to our client’s urgent need, one of our consultants, Dylan Schroeder, excused himself from what he was doing and drove to East Moline to assist our client with the inspection OSHA indicated would occur that day. The inspection did not happen and the consultant who routinely services this client, Zach Paz, was present the following day to assist our client during the OSHA inspection.

As a result of Zach’s work with this client and his assistance during the inspection process, the OSHA inspection resulted in no citations or penalties issued to our client. Dylan’s response the day of the amputation helped collect vital information regarding the incident, and it gave our client great comfort to have a team of safety professionals standing by their side.

Most importantly, Zach was able to identify the root causes of the accident and assist the client in developing and implementing the corrective action necessary to prevent the recurrence of a similar injury. Even though the injury was the direct result of the unpreventable misconduct of an employee, retraining, and involvement of front line supervision in employee training was provided by Zach helped give our client comfort a similar incident could be prevented.

Helping a client in their greatest time of need is one of the most important and satisfying roles we fill for our clients. Who would you call in the unfortunate event you find your company in a similar situation?

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