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Employee Engagement in Schools

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Employee engagement in the workplace has been an emerging trend across several industries but has been proven to be extremely viable in the education sector. 

How are employers successful at engaging employees beyond the work they do in order to build camaraderie and enforce a positive culture?

It has been proven that employees who engage in employer-sponsored Wellness programs have experienced increased productivity, improved health, enhanced benefit packages, and overall job satisfaction.  Employers have reaped the benefits of increased employee retention, reduced absenteeism, and a healthier and happier workforce. 

School Districts face unique challenges when implementing an onsite wellness program.  Educators have a responsibility to not only educate their students but they are accountable for their safety as well leaving it impossible to leave the classroom to participate in wellness events.  In addition, many educators have their own children in school that requires them to leave the workplace on time which limits their ability to participate in activities after hours.  While others are taking on extracurricular activities such as coaching athletics, music, theatre, etc. which limit their availability as well.  These obstacles require a program that provides flexibility to allow these individuals to participate and achieve their health and wellness goals.

One of our local school districts implemented VirginPulse which is an activity-based platform.  It is designed to increase employee wellness and has been extremely successful.  Within two years of rolling out the Virgin Pulse program, 84% of the school’s 900 employees are currently active participants.  Taking a deeper dive, the school is pleased to report that 52% are active by CDC guidelines and another 18% are considered highly active.  The VirginPulse program has been an incredibly well-received benefit for the employer and employees and has made a tremendous impact on the overall performance of this school district.

Just a few of the many success stories…

“The School District of Beloit’s decision to join up with VirginPulse has been a life changer for me.  I have always struggled with my weight and this program has been a huge motivator for me to fix that problem!  My dad passed away when I was only 13 years old partially because he made poor health decisions.  I wanted to make changes so I could see my children grow old! Focusing on staying active and choosing healthier foods has helped me lose 45 pounds since we began in September.  I have more energy to play with my kids and am looking forward to continuing to see progress with Virgin Pulse!”

“I was a very active person before joining VirginPulse; however, when the school year begins, I tend to work out less, eat more sugary and fatty foods on a regular basis, and increase in my level of stress.  Summertime definitely seems to help.  The reality of my stressful and extremely busy job sometimes makes me forget about my health.  Through Virgin, I’m constantly reminded and motivated about health and fitness through wearing my pedometer daily, joining challenges, and doing the monthly weigh-ins.  When I experience a success through a challenge, weight loss, or level reached, it only propels me to continue further.  If I seem to get off the fitness track, then I jump right back on the path easier.  I’m very motivated, to begin with when it comes to my health and fitness, but the additional incentives only further my motivation.”

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