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Job Descriptions & Attracting Millennial Employees

Thursday, February 6, 2020

What does it take to attract the millennial population for different roles you are hiring for in your organization? In most cases, HR professionals have “little demographic and ‘psychographic’ experience, and so they especially struggle with millennials.

Millennials have a tri-fold focus on what they want from a career, which includes financial compensation, the extra entertainment side, and fulfillment of their desires beyond the other two portions.

As a recap, millennials are born between the years of 1981 to 1996. The person writing this is a millennial. This population is known for its heavy adoption of digital devices, social media, and job-hopping! While millennials are known to have a lack of experience in specific sectors of work or preparedness in their long-term life planning; they are in a dangerous position with access to “information of various kinds, [making demands more intense] while searching for jobs.”

Millennials are at full steam in their assimilation as part of the employee population in all organizations with Generation Z (1995-2010) just behind them. Make sure to consider the psychological and practice needs when creating job descriptions to attract millennials through these top 10 techniques from HR Morning.

  1. Make sure the impact of their work value gets highlighted.
  2. Brightness, design techniques, and catchiness will get attention immediately.
  3. Put all perks and growth opportunities at the forefront of staying with your organization.
  4. If they meet the requirements, acknowledge the perks of meeting those.
  5. Does your organization foster a friendly working space supported by teamwork and togetherness? If so, describe that.
  6. Utilize the social media profiles you have to enhance your job posting. Make sure it is true to the public image of your organization.
  7. Highlight the HR Department’s involvement in their development as a potential employee and how they are there to develop them.
  8. Be true, informal, and creative in your post.
  9. Consider multiple platforms to put the job listings out, not just one channel.
  10. Consider a writing service to help expedite some of your quicker need and more complex job profiles to help with the composition and proofing process.

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