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Stop Loss Captives – An Explanation

Friday, October 23, 2020
Stop Loss Captives – An Explanation

In today’s climate, managers need benefits solutions as resourceful and cutting-edge as the organizations they run. As every business is unique and requires its own set of insurance solutions, diversity in provided benefits plans is critical.

Companies can purchase stop-loss insurance to pay excessive claims. 100% of what employers pay in premium for traditional stop loss policies stays with the insurance carrier.

In a stop loss captive, approximately 50% of the premium payment goes into the captive layer. There is a pro-rated return potential based on the overall loss experience of the captive. This is how captives can work and potentially benefit your benefits model as an employers an opportunity to “win.”

Watch our explanatory video to the right, explaining this concept, step by step, and contact one of our benefit advisors to see if this is a potential solution for your benefits program.

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