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UniGroup to Accept Occupational Accident Coverage as of 9/1/17 for Owner Operators

Friday, September 22, 2017

For years UniGroup (United and Mayflower) has required their Owner Operators to carry Workers Compensation.  As of 9/1/17 they will allow the Owner Operator drivers to carry Occupational Accident on themselves, while still requiring Workers Compensation on their helpers/casual labor.  The change was made to allow UniGroup agents to be more competitive while trying to hire drivers, as most van lines will accept the less expensive OccAcc program.  

UniGroup Agents will go through a process to determine if they want to allow OccAcc:

  1. Determine if accepting the lesser coverage of OccAcc to recruit new drivers and/or provide current drivers a lower cost option is worth the risk
  2. Educate drivers on the difference in coverage and cost between OccAcc and Work Comp
  3. Allow each Driver to make their own decision 
  4. Modify contracts to reflect the decision (if OccAcc will be accepted contracts will be updated for those drivers that take that option)
  5. Bind new coverage

As of now, only 2 insurance carriers have been approved by UniGroup, Vanliner and Transguard.

Differences in cost

  • Vanliner Workers Compensation – $598 Per Month / $7,181 Per Year
  • Vanliner Occupational Accident – $468 Per Month / $5,616 Per Year (Annual Savings over Work Comp $1,565)
  • Transguard Occupational Accident – $433 Per Month / $5,196 Per Year (Annual Savings over Work Comp $1,985)
  • These prices do vary by state with CA having a higher rate with both programs and CT, IL, KY and PA having a higher rate with Vanliner
  • Note:  Coverages do slightly vary between the two programs

Differences in territory

  • Vanliner Ineligible States:  CO, MD, MA, NJ, NY, NV, NC, VT, D.C.
  • Transguard Ineligible States:  NJ, NC



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