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Renewable energy is a business disruption strategy - finding the proper bonding and insurance coverages are a key component for solar companies across the country.

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About Solar Energy Bonding

About Horton’s Solar Energy Practice

Obtaining affordable bonding and insurance coverage is a challenge due to the unique risks of solar projects. Horton’s Solar Energy Program is structured specifically for solar developers and contractors.

Our Solar Energy team has the relationship experience and expertise to mitigate the financial backstop for these projects solving the surety and insurance needs for solar companies across the country.

Count on our Solar Contractor Insurance team to...

  • Assist with contract negotiation to proactively build in language and terms that will enable competitive surety options.
  • Comprehensive review of your projects needs & risk developing a custom insurance contracts, including policy contract wording analysis and development of endorsement wording.
  • Experienced team that can offer alternative risk solutions, understands the market and underwriting requirements
  • Contract review Possess experience in large claim settlements Solar Installation Performance Warranty

The Financial Opportunity In Renewable Energy

The Financial Opportunity In Renewable Energy


Solar energy is emerging as a resource with exponential growth.  With the US electric energy policy offering the federal solar tax credit (ITC), its the perfect time to capitalize on the financial opportunities of installing solar; reducing operating costs, leveraging tax incentives & locking in energy costs for years to come.

A Complex Risk: Solar Projects

Launching a solar project is filled with challenges  - finding financing, hedging against production shortfalls, securing contracts with counterparties and finding contractors that can move the project forward.
 Bonds may reduce the cost of funding the construction phase, however finding affordable bonds is often difficult due to the lack of familiarity insurance professionals have with the risks associated with the fledgling renewable energy industry.
In addition, a solar installation is uniquely different from a typical construction project:

Short duration of the project in proportion to the dollar amount

Unique contracts with efficiency guarantees and longer warranty periods

Much higher component cost compared to labor cost

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Our team of insurance professionals is available to discuss your solar energy project and the surety needs to move your project forward.

Brian Lydigsen

Brian specializes in construction and solar energy projects assisting clients with solving the surety bonding and insurance needs for solar companies across the country.

Tim Graham

Tim specializes in solar energy projects assisting clients with solving the surety bonding and insurance needs for solar companies across the country.

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